A proud UN Women UK Delegate

Mi Elfverson is joining UN Women UK as a delegate for CSW67, the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women

I’m enormously proud to have joined a team of UK delegates to participate in the huge CSW67 conference, held in New York but accessible online globally.

So what is CSW67…?

Well first of all – what is UN Women? 

UN Women run grassroots programmes to support the most vulnerable women and girls in many countries and work on changing attitudes and helping governments create gender-equal policies.

UN Women are active, on site in crisis situations, working closely with the real issues in war zones.

The UN Women mission is to ensure every woman and girl has access to:


Find out more here: www.unwomenuk.org

UN Women’s CSW67 (The UN Commission on the Status of Women)

Now, what is CSW67 then…?

CSW67 stands for The UN Commission on the Status of Women and forms the largest gender equality conference in the world, dedicated to shaping global standards on gender equality and the empowerment of women.

CSW was stablished in 1946, and has since been promoting women’s rights and documenting the reality of women’s lives throughout the world. 

Representatives of Member States, UN entities, and ECOSOC-accredited non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from all regions of the world are invited to contribute to the sessions.

I will share some summaries of the conference in blogs to come and you can also follow us on Facebook and Linkedin.


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