About Eye Storm

Eye Storm is on a mission to give women around the world a stronger voice.

It’s time for women to be seen and heard, it’s time for women to be able to work with their passion, it’s time for women to be part of decision making.


Eye Storm is an online programme, teaching women how to use smartphone video to become more visible online and be seen as the go-to expert in their field.

It’s also a bit of a movement, motivating women to step up and claim more space. Everywhere.

Giving women a stronger voice will support not only them, but yield economic and social benefits for everyone.

It’s time to be seen. It’s time to be heard. It’s time to be you.

About Mi Elfverson

Founder of Eye Storm and The Vlog Academy


After 25 years in high-end TV and video production, I started The Vlog Academy to teach business owners how to create their own videos. But I soon saw that women needed their own support platform. They had different questions, different fears, different needs. Eye Storm was born.

I now support thousands of people to communicate better on video, get more confident in front of the camera and connect on a deeper level with a larger audience.

As a producer, videographer, photographer and coach, my experienced eye will see everything from the camera angle and light setup, to what steps people need take to be more authentic and aligned with their brand.

I absolutely love seeing people crack through their barriers of fear and start enjoying the video process, getting their wanted result and being more visible online.


We live in an amazing time. Women in the western world have freedom of choice in everything. We can work, we can play, we can show up in any way we like. We should treasure that, in fact, if we don’t, it’s almost a betrayal of our sisters around the world, who do not have that freedom, yet.

I believe you should have the right to claim your space wherever you are and whatever you do, to speak your truth, share your expertise and make a living from what you’re passionate about.

But for women, being visible takes a lot of courage. A lot of time and decisions on how to show up to the world comes first. Then, the fear of being judged, not being good enough. Not being pretty enough or just not being right – being rejected and thrown back to base.


EYE STORM is all about supporting women when they feel blocked, stuck or frustrated, or at a point when they are ready for the really big shift.

I know how scary it can be to run your own business but how incredibly rewarding it is when things start to flow. I’m here to share my experience and give you advice on the whole process from brand identity to getting the finalised video seen by a larger audience online.

I support women on their visibility journey, without being geeky, pushy or asking you to hustle and scream. I support you to stand up as you – as you are – in your own skin and bones, feeling proud.

If you’re ready to make the most of your talent and knowledge, then it’s time to join EYE STORM.

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