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About EyeStorm

on a mission to give women around the world a stronger voice.

Eye Storm is here to support women across the world to step forward with more confidence and a stronger voice, to elevate women’s position in society and encourage equality for all.


We offer confidence training, events, workshops, networking, walks, talks, lunches, articles and interviews around matters for women globally.

We ensure we involve men to help us spread the information and implement the equality measures we need.

It’s a bit of a movement, motivating women to step forward and claim more space, while making sure men understand and support us.

Giving women a stronger voice will support not only them, but yield economic and social benefits for everyone.

It’s time to be seen. It’s time to be heard. It’s time to be you

We live in an amazing time. Women in the western world have the freedom of choice in everything. We can work, we can play, we can show up any way we like. We should treasure that – in fact, if we don’t, it’s almost a betrayal to our sisters around the world, who do not have that freedom.


Mi Elfverson

Founder The Vlog Academy and Creator of EyeStorm


After 25 years in high-end TV and video production, working on Volvo and Kellogg’s commercials as well as James Bond and Harry Potter films, I started The Vlog Academy. I support thousands of people to communicate better on video and to get more confident in front of the camera.

As I started holding vlog workshops, I noticed that men and women had a very different levels of confidence in front of the camera. This developed into a pattern.

Men always step forward, and women take a step back – most of them want to melt into the wall. Women have very different blocks, fears and needs than men, and want more long-term support and accountability.

The impact and consequences of this is enormous. For women, in business, in our society and on humanity, globally. For every woman who is held back, there’s a dent in the gender equality progression.

This is why Eye Storm was born – a community just for women, offering a more holistic pathway to confidence, with a mixture of training, workshops and events, to develop courage from the inside out.


RubyMoon Lab – Cleaning the oceans while empowering women worldwide

Jo is passionate about activating women’s potential and elevate their status in communities where they often don’t have a voice.

As an ethical swimwear designer, she’s seen how one of the world’s largest industries impact women’s situation globally, from manufacturing stages to the purchase power. She’s here to change the chain from the unsustainable to become a part of the solution.

RubyMoon combines the industry’s substantial potential to positively impact the social and environmental state of our planet, with the knowledge that women and innovation are key to a better future.

Ruby Moon transfers 100% of their profit into micro loans for women entrepreneurs globally.

Together with EyeStorm, RubyMoon creates events and training for women online and in-person.


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