Let the Small Things Bring you Joy

“Even later, on the thirteen nights that followed this one, instinctively they stuck to the Small Things. The Big Things ever lurked inside. They knew that there was nowhere for them to go. They had nothing. No future. So they stuck to the small things.”The God of Small Things, Arundhati Roy I found the above lines by coincidence. It’s from one of my favourite books ever, the absolutely beautiful, yet very dark book, The God of Small Things. If you haven’t read it, you’re in for a treat. It’s been two weeks in lockdown here now in The UK, several more weeks of disruption for many. Families are gathered at home, friends are separated. We need to carry on with business as usual, but it might feel hard. It’s tiring for many. I have to say there’s some magic moments happening in our little family over here. I’m of course spending more time than ever with my now teenage son. He’s suddenly picking up the camera to film and is already well into his editing on Final Cut Pro X, the professional software I use myself. For the first time in many many years, he’s interested in listening to my advice! He asks questions and even waits for the answer. He wants me to show him how to do things. And he’s already showing me things he’s learning from the YouTubers he’s watching, downloading new filters and effects.
Yesterday we shot some footage of his exercise on the roof terrace and he edited it. Watch. This. Space. This time will tear people apart. But it will also bring people together, who might not have had the chance if this hadn’t happened. I’m forever positive and I try to see the good side of everything. No matter how you’re feeling, this is a time to look at the little things, appreciate what you have and applaud the smallest of moments. Don’t miss them. The big things will be carry on anyway. Stay well.Mi x

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