Focus on yourself to calm your stress


I hope you’ve found some time to rest this weekend?

Isn’t it funny how a morning can mess up your peace of mind completely just by being a Monday! Stress levels go up immediately and there’s suddenly a certain blur to the survival plan we had in place only yesterday.

We’re actually coming to an end of the annual Stress Awareness Month. I don’t know if there’s are plan to extend it to the end of lockdown this year, but we certainly need to keep being aware of what stress does to us anyway!

The thing with stress is, that it’s kind of self-inflicted. Yes, that’s very harsh to say under current circumstances, but stress isn’t a cause, it’s a reaction. We react to a situation by feeling stressed. Not everyone reacts the same way to the same situation. And although it’s completely legit to feel unusually stressed at the moment, you really need to make sure you manage your stress levels, as they’re toxic and will poison you from the inside. Then it will spread to your family and your surrounding.

If you’re feeling stressed, start asking yourselves if you’re trying to do too much at the moment. Stop filling your schedule, it doesn’t matter if it’s nearly empty if you’re focussing on a few more vital things instead, rather than trying to do everything and not get anything done. Say no. Delay. Postpone. Maybe you just need to slow down.

Are you trying to manage the whole world? Allow yourself to prioritise yourself, because if you don’t function, nothing will work anyway. Look after your own needs first, or you won’t be able to sustain your support to other people.

It’s not in your own hands to make the world go round anyway. It’s not for you to change the world to something better, alone. If you picture yourself as a little part in the big chain reaction, a vital one, but not the whole chain, then your part will be easier to play.

Let other people take responsibility for their part. Put more demand on others to deliver things together with you. Request a more proactive participation, from your family and co-workers, suppliers and even your clients. Step back and see what happens when you’re not always the one who plans everything and takes charge, at home or at work. Let other people feel that they have a part to play.

Let your surrounding know that you’re not available right now, because you’ve got something important you need to prioritise.

And make yourself understand that you’ve got something very important you need to prioritise right now. You. How about that for a change…?

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